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Happy Endings

These are the stories of cats who made it to their FUR-ever home!

If you have an MKRA kitty, please send us a picture here!

From Micky,

About 2 years ago I adopted Willie aka Jay, a one-eyed tuxedo who was with your shelter about 10 years. He was to be a roommate with Peanut Butter, adopted from KRA about 7 years ago. Sadly we lost PB's brother/roomie Jelly to anesthesia for a dental cleaning so she needed a new roommate. They didn't get along with all the other cats here, all but 1 adopted from KRA, so they had their own room.

Willie and PB adjusted well. I find him snuggled up to her and purring up a storm! He's still a bit to handle if he needs any treatment or checkups, absolutely detests going to the vet but is accepting of head butts, stroke/pets, etc and in general is doing great! He did get a needed dental cleaning and they were willing to keep him there for the needed medications (he wouldn't let me!) He can be chatty too!

Happy to have him here and be able to give him a room with less kitties, a sweet little roomie, and provide some TLC!
Guinness, AKA Athena in her new home. She is loved beyond words and has owned our hearts.
We couldn’t be more in love with Arthur (We kept Raphael as a middle name, it’s the same as my dad’s!) And are thankful every day for the happiness he brings to our house!

He’s unbelievably sweet, affectionate, playful and sleeps in between us at night. He’s also very fond of sitting on shoulders, licking faces, and playing fetch. He’s too cute!

He and our other cat Chloe are getting along wonderfully and love to play together, they’re good for each other and we’re all so happy they get along so well.

Thank you again for everything, we can’t believe our luck and timing with getting this little guy home! He’s thriving and so are we.
Hello Heidi,

We adopted Busby (AKA Dallas) in Sept and just wanted to let you folks know how he is doing.

Here is a picture of him with his “Brother from another Mother”, (Brown Tabby) Rocky. Obviously, he hasn’t discovered an interest in the bird feeder yet . . . Catnip however, is another story !

Thanks Again !
Rick & Trish
From Amy...

I adopted a Siamese kitten named Mia in November. She is such a loveable little girl I couldn’t be happier.

She follows me everywhere and sleeps with us at night. So glad I got her.

From Cate...

I adopted a handsome, sweet, loving cat from your shelter over a year ago in September 2015. His name at the shelter was Fluffy but I now call him Dexter. Dexter has so much personality and often acts more like dog than a cat! He has brought so much happiness in my life. He follows me anywhere I go in the house. He sleeps with me and waits outside the bathroom door when I'm in the shower. When I come home from work he is waiting at the door for me. I'm so happy to give him a great home and he gives me a lot of love.

Luna ~

"We adopted Luna (who was called Nightmare when we adopted her) from the shelter last year in November and she is the sweetest most lovable kitty. We couldn't have been happier with our experience. I have so many cute photos I couldn't settle on one." - Kristina
Nina ~

"Here's a couple pics of Nina staying happy and warm in my house. I provide Cat grass for the cats, especially in Winter. Nina seems to really like that stuff! Nina has adjusted well to her new big brother, Grayson, and they get along marvelously. Thank you Heidi. I am taking good care of Nina girl
Wilder and Smokey ~

Smokey is an old soul. He loves to sleep on the love seat in the sun room. He is such a beauty! Wherever his original owners are, I'm know they miss him a lot -but rest assured, I'm taking great care of this distinguished gentleman.

Wilder is no longer as "feral-ish" as when I first got him. At one and a half, he's finally having a chance to be a kitten and he loves this mouse toy.
Milo and Oliver ~

Milo and Oliver would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!