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A feral sanctuary and second chance for the stray and abandoned.


Fund-a-Feral is Virtual Adoption!

~ Please help us care for these forgotten/lost animals by adopting a feral cat. ~

For just $10.00/month, you will provide a feral kitty with food, shelter, and vet care.

We have over 75 Feral cats that live at the shelter. Most of them will be there for life. Occasionally however, someone decides that they love one of these very scared fur-babies and brings them home! The rest are content to live out their lives with minimum human contact.

They were born in the wild and they have a basic mistrust of the human race. This is due in a lot of cases because they were mistreated. We at Kitty Rescue have made a commitment 13 years ago to protect feral cats and kittens. We will Trap-Neuter-Return, when, and only when, there is someone to care for the cats being returned. This includes providing food, water and adequate shelter. If there is no one willing to take that responsibility… they stay with us, where they are provided for, for the rest of their lives or until they get adopted!

Why Fund-a-Feral?

Well first, of all it helps our shelter to provide for them. Second, if you can't have a cat or are allergic, this is your opportunity to virtually adopt! When you decide to virtually adopt a feral in our care, you can choose from the many that are listed on our website. This is an exclusive adoption! If your cat gets adopted, you will be notified that he/she when to their forever home and you can choose to stop funding a cat or choose another from our website. Each time a cat gets funded we will mark that on their website photo. We hope that we will be able to get all the feral cats in our care a "Virtual Adoptive Family!"

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Happy to Be Adopted, Loved, and Home!

~ These Homeless Ferals Can Have Lifetime Care Thanks to People Like You ~